UK PLUS English School

John Snow
School Director
ジョン スノー 代表取締役
英語教育学修士, DELTA, CELTA取得

マンツーマン(プライベート)/ペア レッスンマンツーマン(プライベート)/ペア レッスン


Private lessons are for all levels of English and they can be combined with any other course. Students who prefer individual attention, have limited time or irregular availability choose private lessons.


Private lessons are taught at your own pace and are based on your personal needs. You are able focus on the things which are important to you personally and on the areas you are weakest. For example, you may wish to improve your conversational ability, writing skills or pronunciation. You are also able to use materials which suit your level and interests, such as course books, authentic news videos and newspaper articles. We can prepare materials for you or you can study from your own materials.

Special Purposes

Private lessons are also popular with students who have special needs, e.g. Business English, English for Engineering, English for the service sector, and preparation for interviews, presentations, and exams such as IELTS and Eiken.

Pair Lessons

If you have a friend, colleague or family member you wish to study with, Pair Lessons are ideal.